Mistake #1:
“My business is different”
Mistake #2:
Chasing random tactics with no overall strategy
  • Falling in love with a business model. You hear everyone talking about “subscription” products and why they’re the future. Yet very few people talk about the innards of running a content subscription program, which is much harder than it seems. We’ve shut down millions of dollars worth of subscription programs because they seemed to be doing well, but beneath the surface, they weren’t.
  • Affiliates. A strategy that can seem promising, just like subscriptions, but needs to be examined closely. When you’re making $25,000/year, none of this matters — you just try anything. At higher levels, you need to spend much more time diligently researching and saying “no” while finding the strategy that works — then going all in.
  • The psychology of flipping your mindset from “I need to try everything” to “I need to be careful about picking the wrong thing” is very hard to learn on your own. But it’s critical. This is something I’m excited to teach you and share what I’ve learned along the way in the Double Engine Growth course.
Mistake #3:
Playing the “work as little as possible game”
Mistake #4:
Feeling like as you grow,
you’ll have to follow a strict, soulless rulebook
3 key messages for you today
  • It’s not working hard or enjoying myself. It’s both.
  • It’s not “should I work hard or smart?” It’s both.
  • It’s not “should I grow or profit?” It’s both.
  • It’s not work or life. It’s both.
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